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    It allows me to watch DVD movies in AVI format on my laptop so that I don't have to take originals - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

    Works fine. Able to rip almost all the DVDs. After a free trial, purchased this program and using it since a week. No problems observed. Have no spyware or any virus attached as my computer has all protections and would have detected if any such softwares. Good product to have

    Powerful tool for DVD ripping, converting and backup. I got this nice app to backup my family DVDs because we don't have a DVD burner. There are many softwares on the market but this was the only one I handled. The others were very complicated in terms of configurating the system



    DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe History:

    2.0.2006.1024 - BUGFIX: VOB Scan bug

    2.0.2006.0912 - New: Support SDDS(DTS) audio track now!

    2.0.2006.0908 - BUGFIX: Error while encode very short segment

    2.0.2006.0828 - PERENG: Auto Patch ASPI driver
    - PERENG: auto detect wmvcodec for fast encoding

    2.01.2006.0804 - BUGFIX: scan VOBs not work after add multi-angle(s) support

    2.01.2006.0731 - PERENG: integrate with the RegNow Affiliate Tracking solution

    2.01.2006.0726 - BUGFIX: mp3 options wrong when first time run

    2.01.2006.0724 - PERENG: support WMA

    2.00.2006.0717 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    2.00.2006.0713 - BUGFIX: fix a BUG while converting multi-angle(s) DVD

    2.00.2006.0710 - BUGFIX: fix a BUG while converting multi-angle(s) DVD

    2.00.2006.0706 - BUGFIX: crash while there are 0 second title(s) (from 1.20.2005.1124)
    - BUGFIX: support multi-angle(s). Thanks to Gabor Halasz.
    - PERENG: use IFO's navigation data more

    2.00.2006.0613 - BUGFIX: genre Pop-Up, you can't choose anything else from the list. Thanks to Gabor Halasz.
    - BUGFIX: MP3 Settings, the software should remember the last quality settings. Thanks to Gabor Halasz.
    - BUGFIX: audio Volume Level, use float level. Thanks to Gabor Halasz.

    2.00.2006.0605 - BUGFIX: crash while ASPI layer installed but work incorrect

    2.00.2006.0529 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    2.00.2006.0424 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    2.00.2006.0421 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    2.00.2006.0417 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    2.00.2006.0316 - PERENG: use IFO's navigation data to decode VOB

    2.00.2006.0313 - BUGFIX: scrollbar scrolling error when there're many item(s)

    2.00.2006.0310 - BUGFIX: fail to process the last chapter of DVD

    2.00.2006.0304 - BUGFIX: scan VOBs

    2.00.2006.0224 - BUGFIX: split by size and time incorrect

    2.00.2006.0223 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    1.20.2006.0112 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    1.20.2006.0111 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    1.20.2005.1215 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    1.20.2005.1214 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    1.20.2005.1212 - BUGFIX: crash while open VOB without sound tracks
    - PERENG: re-enanle playback feature

    1.20.2005.1124 - BUGFIX: crash while open some D9 DVD
    - PERENG: auto skip empty title(s)/chapter(s)

    1.20.2005.1026 - BUGFIX: can't spilt by chapter while encoding selected chapters
    - BUGFIX: progress bar problem while encoding from current position
    - BUGFIX: crash when DVD disk inserted on AMD CPU
    - PERENG: support VOB to MP3/WAV
    - PERENG: auto detect more intelligent

    1.20.2005.922 - BUGFIX: some small bugs

    1.20.2005.919 - BUGFIX: while seek error more than 1 titles
    - PERENG: speed up encoding to 200%
    - PERENG: lock all settings while encoding
    - PERENG: disable play function
    - PERENG: change color while encoding
    - PERENG: export to ac3 file

    1.20.2005.825 - BUGFIX: scroll bar will overflow 100%
    - BUGFIX: decode segment but not match
    - PERENG: 100% Faster than last version

    1.20.2005.819 - BUGFIX: while processing some NTSC DVDs

    1.20.2005.816 - Initial Release (v1.20)

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