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Input Settings

Various types of Input settings are available in iSofter DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe. The following table provides an overview of the tasks you can complete using settings.

Function Description


Frame rate of the output video file. 25 (PAL) or 23.97,29.97 (NTSC).
Warning: this value is not automatically set, if you choose a different frame rate from the input, a pull down will be performed. Avoid conversion between NTSC and PAL.
Default is : 25
Remove macro vision protection from the movie.
Default is : Yes
Dolby Surround:
Enable Dolby Surround downmix.
Allow to preserve better 5.1 FX in stereo mode
Default is: Enabled
Deinterlace Filter:
Use this when your image is interlaced (when 1 line / 2 is shifted)
Warning: if you set odd or even field you cannot be sure that it is the good field, Just make a clip of 10 images to see if you're right. Interpolate mode interpolate the even field (you lose a bit quality for SVCD but it always works)
Default is : None
Key Search:
Mode for CSS key search (the mode 0 works fine in 99% of cases).
0 - Search a key one time when starting
1 - Search a new key at each VOB-ID
2 - Search a new key at each CELL-ID
3 - Search a new key at each VOB/CELL-ID combination
4 - Disabled
Default is : 0

CPU Type

CPU calculation mode.
0 : MMX (works only on Intel MMX processors)
1 : 3DNow (for amd user)
2 : SSE2 for IntelP4 processor
3 : Normal (slow) don't perform MMX calcul
Default is : MMX
Name Rule:
use <title>, <chapter>, <artist>, <album>, <year>, <genre>, <volume> to create an unique filename for each file, You can also use backslash(\) to create folders.
Default is : <title>-<chapter>-<volume>
Procress Priority:
The program procress priority in system.
Default is : High
Detect 24 FPS:
Detect automatically 24Hz progressive NTSC.
Default is : Yes
Force 24 FPS:
Force input to be a 24Hz progressive NTSC.
This flag works only if detect 24fps is checked. (Use it if you think that the 24Hz detection doesn't work).
Default is : No
Audio Video synchronization:
synchronise the audio & video on dvd
Default is : Yes
Shut Down:
check the box the program will shutdown the computer after job done
Overwrite file:
overwrite the exsit file without asking
Default is : No
Gain of the audio output.
No normalization is performed. A value of 1 can't generate distortion (cracking) but the output sound may be very low. The default gives a good volume for most DVDs.

Make few clip of the movie where you know the volume is high and adjust this value in order to get a good volume. You can also use the sound normalizer to find an optimum volume.
Default is : 3


  • By using default setting, you can quickly accomplish many common tasks.


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